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Art for the Winona Ryders Remix Project EP

The finalised cover image for the Winona Ryders new EP: LIBERATOR. Always great to work with these guys, and the album has some brilliant remixes by many talented musicians.

2015-02-20 13:29:09

Artwork for Red Jackson

Upbeat rhythym and blues trio comission artist shocker!

I was comissioned by Red jackson to produce the artwork for their forthcoming album 'house rent boogie'. They wanted me to portray them as animals playing at a 40s house rent party, also known as a jook joint. They wanted the illustration tyle to be inspired by robert crumb, one of my illustration heroes. I also worked on the sleeve design and designed the actual cd disc graphics. Go to galleries /illustration page to see a higher resolution image.

2015-01-31 15:52:54

Sketching from the imagination: fantasy

Feature in this great book

My artwork along with some brilliant artists has been featured in this mighty tome. It's a a great resource book if youre interested in fantasy art. With discussions on idea generation and working practice etc.

2014-10-23 15:44:09

Observing the Unreal

Solo exhibition at Pallant House gallery

‘Matthew Sergison-Main: Observing the Unreal’ is the penultimate solo show in a series celebrating the six Award Winners of Outside In: National 2012. Much of Matthew’s work arises from a spontaneous stream of consciousness, some of which is created by making random marks and allowing what the subconscious sees to become concrete. The exhibition will offer a selection of Matthew’s iconic monochromatic pieces featuring imaginary landscapes and creatures.

2014-07-29 12:32:31

Illustration for Winona Ryders new album - Evacuation Songs

local artist depicts sound of musicians launching into space and detonating

The Winona Ryders comissioned me to create an illustration for their new album Evacuation Songs and gave me a pre-release copy of their awesome new album to work from. Their music has an engine growl momentum combined with raw and sensitive lyrics. Their album debut perfomance was blend of humour and driving rock riffs that had an unpredictable element that might detonate in your face.

What a great brief to have, the lads loved the inks and preparing to produce a coloured version.
Their new album is available on bandcamp for whatever price you think real music is worth.

2014-02-08 13:05:18

10 days across Winchester arts festival

Silicon Lo artists shown in prestigious venue

As a response to the themes of the Large Hadron Collider and of collision, four local artists, Matthew Sergison-Main, Jim Walsh, Frances Bennett and Harold Pack, got together to produce collaborative drawings. Choosing to do them as an 'exquisite corpse' (consequences). The idea being the process would replicate an experiment of chance and unexpected transformation. the exquisite corpse process involves creating an image then covering all but a thin strip at the end, which is then passed to the next artist to continue their drawing from. That artists repeats and passes on to another until 4 drawings with contributions from all artists were produced. Each artist had a chance to initiate a drawing.

2013-10-15 12:05:32

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